And now I am 3, a little older and more mature .

I turned 3 Febroo-ary 13th. I was  happy but sad. My old compupion is gone! It was a sad January day. Mommie and I were sooo sad.  As part of recovery, Mommie found a Rescue Girl for us. I love her! We run around the yard every chance we get! 

Anudder year

After Labor Day and before Hollow -weeen!

WOW! Back to school for awhile awe ready! But I am home schooled!

WOW! Thanksgiving I had my regular Turkey Sweet Potato Canned food! Yummy as usual!

Having a Yummy Holiday season! Almost Decembwoof!    Mommy had her own

Pawdicure the other day! Verrry Pretty!

My first 2018 Fwooty Mangoes 2018


Gway Ghost and I having the first Mango Fwoots 2018 fwum da wittle tree!! I am Soo happy camper! This is one picture NOT a video.


I am a star! Mommy put me on Twitter!!

Mommy wrote a book! The Home for Wayward Bears. You can get it from Amazon. Right now it is an ebook. Soon maybe print too, aweso. Only $6.99 or free wiff Kindle unlimited..

the book is about a poor loved but DISCARDED Teddy Bear, and what happens to him. PLEASE try not to CRY! IT has a HAPPY ending and a few lessons for us all!

Mommy's Book!

Fwoot Glorious Baby Mangoes bigger evwy day!!

I can hardly wait! Luv Dem for Breakfast etcetoora!

There will be FWOOT!!

Mommie showed me duh smaller twee and told me it will finally have sum Mangoes! Wow! I have been here two years and have never seen more than one or two mangoes on it.

See my twee wif duh baby Mangoes?

My Birthday Shopping Cart and my new Teddy Bear on a Rope!

Mommy teaches me to push duh shopping Cart

So now I am 2

So now I am 2 years old. I feel like a young pup! If I wuz a hooman I wood be a toddler. 

Whats shood I do as an adult pup? Make duh world safe? Naaa. Mommy is still home 🏫 schooling me. 

Januwoofy 27th My comfy furry pillow!

Me and Gwey Ghost

I wuv my c0mpupion Gwey Ghost! She not only a HOT girl doggie, she is a very comfee pillow! In Febuwoofy we will celebwate my secoond Birthdog day! Maybee anudder family celebwation!

woofy New Year! We had a welatively peacefoo Woof Year's Eve. In Februwoofy I will be 2 years old. Anudda Birthdog day! 


Octobwoof and Hollo-ween!

Octobwoof and Pumpkins and candy!Mommie says NOT FOR DOg childwen! Wine whine, sad face! It sounds woofy yummy!

No more bees making honey in the wall and twying to bite! DoggieiMom gotta guy to break da wall and take the big honey thing outta da wall!!

DA Hurry-came!!

WOW! Septembwoof! The hurri-came! OR twopical storm! A big bwanch came offa duh big Mango twee and hit the house! Noise but house OK! Duh rest of twee was in da neighbor's yard. Sniff whine, he cut it down!! No more fwoot and NO MORE TREE! Whine whimper! What will happen next Summer?!!

SUMMER-Fwoot season! Great anytime of the day!

Woof woof! SO, It's me-that great puppy-dog almost 2 years young now!! I am soo cute!

My name is Mango but don't caw me a FWOOT!! I am a pure GSD- dat MEANS German Shepherd doggie!

It is my favoorite time-Mango Season! NO, not me- the FWOOT! I have them  2 or 3 evwy day! YUm! Open, eat fwoot,  weeve pit lying awound! Mommy says I need to join Mangoes Anoneemoose! Not sure wuff dat means. She says "NO NOT IN THE HOUSE!" I twy to bwing dem ennyhow! Sometimes I let Gway Ghost have a wittle taste, then I snitch it bak again-I'm not DAT GENOORUS!

It is my dooty-to keep the fwoot fwum going to waste-with bees and nats getting them. 

Sometimes Dog Mommy runs and picks dem up, den we go to a burger pwace or Taco pwace and she gives some away! Whine- my fwoots! But, she surpwises people and makes dem HAPPY!


Hi! Mango the German Shepherd blog, assisted by his Fur Mom! This blog is for dogs and their  fur Moms and Pops, written from his point of view in Doglish (that's Dog English ). Please enjoy.  Come visit often! Maybe we can help other pups one day. He was a Rescue. AND, please leave a comment if you   Wuv my blog! Arf, arf!!

Ain't I woof, cute! Me at the end of Novembwoof!



I am Mango, NOW the 18 month old German Shepherd woof, wag, puppy.Whoops! 18 months in August this year! Still a puppy!  Woof woof! My dog Mom is helping me woof this blog. i try to help by touching the screen but she says"No!! don't help!" I call her "doggie-ma!" I also call her Mommie! i love her,  whine whine! She rescued me when i was a SKINNY puppy, in July, woof whine! when we met she called me by a name I woof supposed to have. i didn't even know it, so i didn't  woofspond. then she said, in a high tone PUSSYCAT! i liked the way it sounded, bark! She petted me and i knew she woof be my new mommy!


A few days whine whine later she came an rescued me! i knew the face, voice  and scent. i got a new name, woof, Mango! 

She didn't woof til we got home that i wuv Mangoes   I ate them evwoof day of Mango Season and saved the seeds for latew.

This yip, yip, pic is from last week. doggie-ma says end of Novembwoof!

My New Compupion (Companion)

Decembwoof 7. My  new daisy woof ducky toy. i wuv my Doggie-ma's toys yip. I bring them to her. She puts them up high where she thinks i can't  get them! She has so many.  sonetines she says i can't  have them. yesterwoof she checked it carewoofly and gave it to me. I took it to the yard and woofly got it brokewuf in and dirty.

I woof only 29 lbs but tuff  when i woof to my new home. i met my new  compupion Grey Ghost. Whew whine, a HOT girl dog. very big . 99 pounds! I snapped at her but i knew she was a beta type woofer. she didn't snap, woof , or growl. Life woof be sweet.

I love to play and bark, pull her ears.

Mango  wiff his ducky toy.  My first video.

My ant wont play Saliva Ball wiff me! i wuff my toys. yip my drooly toys!! Doggie-ma says ick! Not on the bed!!

Was i bwoken, whimper??  I'm fixed.

I woofgot to tell u! i think i was bwoken, whine, whine, because i woof FIXED in Novembwoof ! ! they gave  me a

plastic woofy thing to wear. Ma  kept saying don't bump  into every woof , and got me an inflateawoof blue one. i fixed it an made it into  2 toys. i wuffed my stitches out wiff my surgical, yip teeth !

The secret pwace

I haff been  go in  the secret pwace.  D- Ma calls it Mango's  pwace. Awso name woof yip - guess   bathwoom . i can go in and out. luff to look around. allowed in and out but SOMEWUFFS Doggie ma puts watoo bowl n a nice tweet n toy and closes door n disappeaws awhile. 

Trouble in the Secret Pwace

I feel bettew today. Barky !

I wuv sniffing in the Secret pwace. The cabinets smell tasty. On Friday D-ma lef me there wiff tweets. I did not eat them. I chewed up the yummy cabinet and  messed up the pwace! I spilled watoo. and Doggie-ma came home. I wannn out an was sick! I left icky barf! Whine, whine.  Small sad  wag!

Saturday we  went to  vet. I was x-wayed and poked wiff a needle twice, whine, ouchie. n gave D-ma antibiwoofics  for home. Lots 0f $$$!

A Cage!!!

The Vet said i can't be  left alone that i need a CAGE!!! Whine! I am NOT a  WILD animoo! Mommy  says i am lucky to be okay an  do i want to go   back to the rescue pwace? I said "NO !" whine,whine. I will twy a crate! at least the name sounds better! Sniffy, sniff..

I am computer literate

Doggie-ma has  a great toy! She caws it an Ipad! I touched  it wiff my

PAW an the picture moved!! She said "NO don't touch!" 

Decembwoof 13. Grey Ghost doesn't feew good!

Trying to make Grey Ghost feew better!

Whine, Grey Ghost doesn't feew good.  Doggie-ma called the Vet. They said wait a day or 2. I gave  her my new toy  to pway wiff, or was it to get that dental tweet she didn't eat?

Dec 14 Gway Ghost  is hospitawized!!

😥 Sniff Gway and Doggie-ma and me went to the Vet! ! She said GWAY GHOST wuff  very sick!! She snacked on lizards n gotted PAWASITES!! Gway had to stay in the Animew Hospital! 

I miss her! ♡♡♡. Whimper.

Gway Ghost comes home!

Decembwoof  17th. GWAY GHOST comes home! Yay, woof, waggy

tail !!❤

December 20, 2016

We haven't woofed much lately. Doggie-ma  n me taking care of Gway Ghost. She is woof, doing good. Mommie was talking about a dog Uncle, YIP yip! MAYBE see him soon!

Decembwoof 22 scratchy, bitey!

Doggie-ma gave me medwoofcine. I am itchy, scwachee and bitey. I keep her awake!! My Vet said bwing me there Saturday, woof! 

Dec 22. I meet doggie uncle.                             Famous or Notoriwoof Uncooo Bob!!! AKA Dog # 3

The famoose Uncoo Bob! Awso name is Dog number  3

I met Uncoo Bob 2day.   Gway and mommie talk about him, woof, whine, awe the time.

I am absowoofy cwazy about him! I got to jump all over him, cuddle wiff him and scratch him!!

Crisswoof Eve day. Some gift!! Ow!!

12/24 Chrisswoof eve day. Went to vet. Doggie-ma says too much itchy scwatchie bitey, red skin!! Wow, whiney whine!  They poked me 2 x  with needles! Antibiwoofics and antihistawhine. Ugh!  pills for D-ma to hide in tweets. Also a spway if i scwatch  too much! 

Dec. 27, another vet visit

There is no video clip yet

Gray had a follow up visit and the Doctoo did an ECG. Some of her ouchee blood tests showed improvement.

Decembwoof 29. Yay! My Antie Vicki gave me pwesents!

Grey Ghost wiff my cuddly Chriswoof toy. New Years eve. The three of us had a quiet celebration!

My Antie Vicki and cousin Bree an friend Marg came to visit. They gave me gweat toys!  Stuff to chew n cuddew wiff! Grey cuddewed wiff a softy toy! Pictures next!

Januwoofy 11, WOW. Good news!

Yay! Grey Ghost is much bettew! Dr Anna says go to fitness spa! Long walks, exercise!

Januwoofy 16 MLK Day and doggie cookies


Mlk day. Bank holiday. We went  for a ride. To Dr Anna for scwatchy bitey spray. I don't like the spway  but i wuv the vet's doggie cookies! As soon  as we were in the  parkey lot i licked my lips  to tell Doggie-ma i wanted one. I almost got the cover of the cookie jar off myself to get  one for me n Gray  Ghost then D-ma stopped me n said "No! That's  rude!"  I didn't  undoostand the word rude but she gave us cookies enny howI

parading around cement pond with Bear on A Rope

Mango loves to parade around the pool with his toys, especially his Teddy Bear on a Rope!

I thought  i wuff a dog!!! A PIG?!

The next week  in Januwoofy Doggie Mommie gave us Tasty Dental Tweets! Yummy, arf-aroo! She gave  me one  an then  Gway Ghost.  She twied to get Gwav to take hers outside for a pwivate munch. I left mine on the dog couch and ran for the snitch!♡♡ Doggie-ma caught me n  gave Gway back her Tweet. Then she called me a PIG!! I THOUGHT I woof a Pure Real German Shepherd Dog!?  She needs to take more fotos of me and wook me up on the intewnet!!!

Am i a grownup? My birthday! !

My Birthdog hat and chewy pwesent from Antie Vicki!

 Mommie says i will be a year old Febuwoofy!!

We don't know woof day! I am scared!  I won't be a puppy enymore!? I'm am not weddy to have  adult responsibilities!! Nobody will say i am such a cute PUPPY . !! Whine whine.  CLick the littoo square for my pic if not showing!

There is no video clip yet

There is no video clip yet

A Birthdog Party?

Gwey Ghost after too much Birthdog day     partying!

♡♡ Doggie-ma says maybe i will have a Birthdog Party wiff food and party hats!  Yip yip! She said she doesn't know my exact birfday but i can share my Antie Vicki's which is Febuwoofy 13!♡♡♡

I'm a horsey?

About 10 days ago Mommy said she had a surprise for me! I thought woofy, a new tweet? " No, she said, a beautiful new harness! "Oh, no I thought- I am a horsey!? I was confoosed. It wuff to small for a horsey or pony! She put it on me and we woofed for a walk! It felt different than the chokey thing! I liked it!Mommy was so happy because she said I walked a little better!! I didn't drag her down the street! At Dr Annas office the tech noticed an improvement too! 

I am still having itchy scratchy paw problem! We had a special Extermi nwoofer here twice and there are less bugs, but whine, whimper Dr Anna will have tro fix  me up! Too itchy! Mommy is worried!

Whoops- tasty harness?

Woofy! I decided to taste my harness! WHoops!  One littoo taste, one littoo nibble and no good! Mommy was unhappy! My bootiful harness ruined!

Now I LOOK like a horsey! My NEW harness!

Showing off my new barky harness wiff my Teddy Bear        on a rope.

 Mommie got me a few types wuff new harnesses. The strong one wooks like a SADDLE! I am confoosed, but i like it.


 Mommie gives us GREAT new tweets!! She caws them Carrots? They are really yummy orange things! Gway and I wuv them!!

Awe-went they for Horsies?? I wuv them but am confoosed!!

An  Egyptian God??? Of the Undooworld?

 Wow! People tell me I wook like Anoubis, Egyptian God of the Undooworld! Yip!  Woof, my Antie Vicki and Doggie ma say yes!.  Does that mean I AM FAMOOSE?? iS aNNOOBIE GOOD OR BAD??

Fwoot of the vine or twee!

Woofy! Wow!I June! Summer AND Fwoot (Mango ) season! Here the wittle and medium Mango fwoots are falling off the twees! Wike candy evwy day! And they make gweat TOY BALLS !! I tried the wittle gween ones and they are can be chomped but are best to pway wiff. I left one on Mommies nite stand. She ssaid thanks take it outside!

There is no video clip yet